Activism at Mason

Advocacy Groups: Advocacy  Issues:
Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) Protest University Life staffing decision, lack of faculty and resources.
Black Student Alliance (BSA) National and campus climate, university policing
Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA) Complaint: display of Tibetan flag on campus
Concerned Mason Students Structural racism, university policing
GMU Student Power Varied interest areas: academic access, student debt
Hillel Pro-israel, Anti-BDS-Global Advocacy
Israeli Student Association (ISA) Pro-israel, anti-BDS
Law School Faculty Members Students Against Israeli Apartheid’s campus activity (MLK Program)
Mason Coalition for Academic Labor (MCAL) Adjunct faculty hiring, academic protocol
Mason Community members/visitors Gun policy-2nd amendment rights
Mason Dreamers Immigration/ed. access, community organizing
Mason Faculty and Staff Petition- ref campus climate make mason a hate free zone
Mason students, staff and faculty Evangelist ministers on campus
The MedX GMU Team Zika virus, migrant health
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Islamophobia, safety, associated violence
Native American and Indigenous Alliance (NAIA) Indigenous People’s Day
Pride Alliance Safe Zone, LGBTQ issues and programming
Pro-Choice Mason Women’s rights to choice
Students Against Isreali Apartheid (SAIA) Palestinian rights-anti-Israel, Pro-BDS-global advocacy
Students for Life Right to life/anti-abortion
Transparent Mason Educational access/cost
Students Engaged to End Displacement (SEED) Indigenous People’s Day