Climate Committee Purpose and Membership

George Mason University is a large, heterogeneous community reflecting the tensions and conflicts of the larger world. As you may expect, university staff carefully consider how to best anticipate, manage and help students grow from the political, social, religious, cultural and other tensions inevitably arising on a large and diverse campus. The Campus Climate Committee was established by the Office of University Life to increase communication, and when appropriate to advise individuals or offices in position of being “first responders” organizing resources to address controversial events and issues having immediate and strong impact on the campus environment.

The committee which include academic faculty and professional staff representing diverse components of the Mason community meet regularly ( monthly) throughout the academic year to discuss programs and issues; explore options for addressing persistent concerns, identify and create resources designed to make the university a safe learning environment. Committee membership have usually included representatives from:

Academic Faculty:

College of Health and Human Services
College of Humanities and Social Science
School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Professional Faculty and Staff:

Compliance, Diversity and Equity
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Disability Services (ODS)
Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Education (ODIME)
Housing and Residence Life
Intercollegiate Athletics
International Programs and Services (OIPS)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Resources (LGBTQ)
Student Centers
Student Conduct
Student Health Services (SHS)
Student Involvement (OSI)
University Life Arlington
University Life Science and Tech
University Life-Senior Administration
University Police
Women and Gender Studies Center (WGST)