Creating the Communities We Wish to Build

“There are many ways to stand with and support students throughout their educational journey, and there are many ways to advocate for their success through institutional change.  Historically, the work of student affairs has been to provide direct support to students and also to advocate from within for additional institutional commitment, practices, and support.   The work of student affairs in offices once called ‘minority services,’ or women’s centers, sexual assault prevention offices, LGBTQ centers, disability services, international services, multicultural affairs, and diversity and inclusion offices, has been central in these efforts.  For anyone who has worked in these and other units, you have probably at some point been the bridge between students and ‘administration’ (a word that I believe needs some serious deconstructing) in trying times, raising issues up, looking for support, sometimes working against conventional institutional practice.  These are challenging moments to say the least, but I encourage all of us to continue to work with our students and work with others in the institution to improve all that our/your university wants to be.”

Rose B. Pascarell, Vice President for University Life
George Mason University

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