“As our nation deals with issues of social justice, freedom of expression, and safety, college campuses are increasingly providing opportunities for significant dialogue and opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. Fundamentally, we work to support the success of all Mason students throughout their academic career, creating purposeful opportunities and communities that foster student learning, involvement and engagement. Additionally, we hold our students to high standards of personal conduct. All of these efforts culminate to create a culture at Mason that promotes well-being, personal development, and safety.”

Rose Pascarell, Vice President for University Life:  Source: <>

“Reflecting on a span of higher education experiences in my own life as a college professor, president, and now as the director of a higher education project, I am convinced that on our campuses fear should have no place—no fear in being apart from; no fear in being a part of; no fear of the powerful influences of ideological propaganda or pressure of scarce resources; no fear of the inertia of intransigence and the patience needed to work for change; and, as Justice Robert H. Jackson remarked from the Supreme Court bench in 1943 in his decision that requiring saluting the flag (or standing for the national anthem) is unconstitutional, “no fear that to be intellectually and spiritually diverse, even contrary, will disintegrate the social organization.” And, we could add, nor will fearlessly championing the full purposes of higher education disintegrate or diminish its promise.”  Donald W. Harward, Director of BTtoP and President Emeritus of Bates College,