Report Bias Motivated Incidents

Why file a Bias Incident Report?

Often incidents involving Implicit or Explicit Bias, prejudice or otherwise disrespectful acts may be constitutionally protected speech, and therefore not subject to University disciplinary action or formal investigation. However, this Bias Related Incident reporting process helps Mason record and evaluate such occurrences for climate assessment and planning purposes.

Although the Bias Incident Reporting Team (BIRT)  or Campus Climate Committee do not have independent authority to adjudicate reported incidents, information provided will be discussed, trends are recorded, and may contribute to program initiatives, policy development and other administrative practices. Completing a Bias Incident Report Form is important; however, it is not the same as filing a formal complaint about Bias Motivated Incidents.

Complete the Bias Incident Report Form here!

You should file a  formal complaint  about Bias Motivated Behavior or Discrimination, Acts of Student Misconduct, and Criminal Acts ( including Hate Crimes)?  To report incidents (which occur on or off campus) that you believe represent bias motivated Incidents , discrimination, or a  hate crime contact the Office of Compliance, Diversity and Equity or University Police.

Report Bias Motivated Incidents  or  Discrimination,

  • Mason describes bias motivated incidents (which are not constitutionally protected) as follows: A bias incident is an act of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, violence or criminal offense committed against any person, group or property that appears to be intentional and motivated by prejudice or bias. Such are usually associated with negative feelings and beliefs with respect to others race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age social class, political affiliation, disability, veteran status, club affiliation or organizational membership.

Report Criminal Acts ( including Hate Crimes):

  • Criminal acts are described on the University Police here.

Report Acts of Student Misconduct ( including Bias, Hazing, and Sexual Misconduct):

  • The Office of Student Conduct handles Acts of Student Misconduct. You should know that the university may use information from a reported incident to independently establish a formal charge.

Questions: Contact- Bias Incident Team Coordinator –