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Sometimes, though not often enough, conversations about Mason’s commitment to climate change is about climate sustainability and related programs or resources.

However, Mason’s Campus Climate Committee  meets monthly for a different type of conversation about climate change, dynamics and resources.  We focus attention on understanding  incidents, events and patterns of behavior that lead individuals and groups to experience the university as unsafe, intolerant, lacking support for first amendment rights and having a chilly or hostile climate. Understandably we are concerned when Mason’s climate is experienced in this manner by faculty, staff and students.  For some time, we have worked to identify and address climate dynamics that foster such perspectives. Read more about the Campus Climate Committee at: Talking about Mason’s Campus Climate!

This website provides information about Mason’s climate dynamics, critical conversations, students’ individual rights, safety resources, civic engagement activities, and educational and training opportunities. Mason’s commitment to a mission, strategic plan and a future exemplary of our motto freedom and learning is demonstrated, engaging principles associated with our namesake: George Mason.

The Mason Climate Website, Campus Climate Committee , Bias Incident Reporting Process, and Free Speech and Citizenship rights” education activities are supported by the Special Diversity Initiatives (SDI) unit, of University Life. SDI helps create a safe and inclusive campus environment for Mason’s community of scholars (i.e. students, faculty and staff). SDI develops resources supporting students advocacy and campus dialogues involving contested issues.

To learn more about the Bias Incident Report Form, or to submit a report, please click the button below.


Climate Dynamics