Campus Activism and Demonstrations

Microphone in focus against blurred crowdThe University affirms the right for our community members to engage in peaceful, orderly demonstrations, and will facilitate these events in an impartial manner within practical rules designed by the University. The right to demonstrate does not include engaging in actions that disrupt the University’s operations or endangers the safety of others.

The establishment of a Campus Activism and Demonstration Response Team Protocol has been created for the protection and safety of the University community and others. If you are planning an advocacy event and would like to notify a member of the Campus Activism and Demonstration Response Team, then send an email to so that we may connect with you or your group.

How to Conduct a Protest or Demonstration

The campus encourages all who engage in protest activity to do so safely. Below are some reminders for how to protest safely:

  • Plan ahead to ensure that your voice is heard and that everyone is safe.
  • Avoid activity that infringes on the rights of others. Do not block or prevent the movement or access of others.
  • Follow the lawful instructions of a police officer or public official. It is against the law to disobey a lawful order by a police officer.
  • Leave the area where others are engaging in illegal activities and acts of violence. Your presence may be interpreted as participating in a riot or illegal group action.
  • Refrain from speech that incites others to commit acts of violence, destruction of property or other unlawful actions.
  • Make informed decisions. If you choose to engage in civil disobedience and get arrested, know the potential consequences. See the Office of Student Conduct for more information.

Scheduled advocacy events may occur in outdoor public areas provided they do not disrupt the educational enclave, violate university policy or relevant state or federal laws:

  • Registered Student Organizations should follow guidelines provided by Student Involvement.
  • Visitors and non-affiliated organizations should contact University Police and Events Management for assistance.



1103 – Space Utilization and Scheduling  

1110 – Vending Sales and Solicitations

1120 – Weapons on Campus

1126 – Participation in Political Activities

1127 – University Affiliated Social Media Sites

1128 – Use of Amplified Sound in Outdoor Spaces

1112 – Outside Banner (and/or other materials) Policy

48 – Building Entry and Access


Access all university polices here: